Are you crazy?

Well, maybe. A little.

As you read this memoir, there are probably going to be times when you’ll want to scream at me, “Why the hell did you keep seeing this guy? Why did you want to?” You wouldn’t be the first. Most of my friends said that to me more than once many times. I’ve asked myself the same question, beaten myself up trying to answer it until my psyche begged me to stop.

But life is messy. People are flawed. It really is complicated.  Part of the intent of this memoir is to answer that question. I hope that by the time I finish it you’ll understand why. I hope that I do, as well.

There is also a simple answer.

A while back my hard assed, softhearted carpenter friend Roy and I were discussing the sad state of our love lives. After I had updated him on the most recent unhappy events between DK and I, he said, “Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Gretchen! Why the fuck do you still have anything to do with him?”

I made a small shrug. “I’m in love him.”

Roy sighed. “That’s it right there, sweetheart. That’s all you have to say.” He closed his eyes and gave a small shake to his head. “I know, man. I totally get it. Love will fuck you up.”

Amen, brother.

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