The interim

I exchanged a few more emails with DK because he was so fun and smart but told him pretty quickly that I wasn’t interested in the little he had to offer. Thinking back on it, I don’t think he offered much of anything.

He was persistent, though, which is always flattering. I remember that after a few email exchanges he told me that he thought we’d moved past the required emailing stage and could go on to online chat.

Ha! Seems funny to me now. Maybe people still chat online but it’s something I’ll never do again.

It was only six years ago and yet it seems so far away. I never thought I’d one day describe my 46 year old self as innocent. But between DK and I, I was. I had the natural tendency to trust what someone told me unless I had some reason to doubt him. I had no reason to doubt DK; why would I? I didn’t know him and never expected to meet him.

So we chatted online a few times, even though I’d already told him that I wasn’t interested. We talked about books, art, music, food. He asked me about my insistence in my profile that I was not interested in any man who was attached in any way. At all. Non-negotiable.

I didn’t wonder about his curiosity at the time. That’s all it seemed like: curiosity. I’m naturally curious myself. I appreciate it in others. So I told him about my romantic history.

And I asked him about his situation; was he a single dad with full custody of his children? He was vague about the details. I didn’t push it; after all, I did not think we’d ever meet.

After a few online chats, and a couple of invitations from him to meet for breakfast – all declined – DK faded away sometime in late November of 2007.

I didn’t think of him again.

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