Boxing Day

Christmas of 2007 was hard. My mom was very ill and I was filled with worry and anxiety for her and about what the new year would bring. Christmas Day, spent with my family, was muted. I felt relief when it was over.

I was idly browsing around the internet the night after Christmas Day when an IM popped up.

“I hope you had a merry Christmas. :-)”

It was from DK (although I didn’t remember his name at the time!). I was surprised because after our first flurry of emails and a few occasional IMs in October and November,  we had not communicated. We had already established that we weren’t looking for the same thing.

But I was happy to have a fun conversation after such a sad Christmas. When we talked online there were never any awkward pauses; our conversations were like lightening. It was hard for my fingers to keep up. I don’t remember all we talked about – all sorts of things. I was laughing for much of it. We started our conversation around 10 p.m. Around 2 or 3 in the morning, I commented that it was really late and I shouldn’t keep him up any longer.

He said he was at work and wasn’t tired at all. I asked after his daughters; he said his mother was staying with him for a few weeks over the holidays and that they were home with her. I was tired, but was having such a good time. I made a pot of coffee and we kept talking and laughing. I suggested at one point that we should just talk on the phone but DK said again that he was at work and there were a few other people in the office. I asked why in the world they were working during the night the day after Christmas; he said they were under a deadline to finish a project. I thought nothing of it. Lots of people keep weird work hours.

Finally, around six or seven, we said goodbye. We’d been chatting for over eight hours. My heart was lightened from having a happy conversation with a smart, funny man, albeit over the internet. I made him promise to be careful driving home.

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