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The Mystic’s Dream

November 12, 2013


Another sleepless night. So I’ve been in the studio for the last few hours. For a time I enjoyed the silence while I played. Then I listened to the BBC World News, which makes me feel close to England. I love the BBC. I turned the radio off when my news cup runneth over. But […]

Halloween one

October 31, 2013


“You have forever ruined mermaids for me.” One Friday morning in late October of 2008, I got a completely unexpected text from DK. (Neither of us were big texters then; we very rarely exchanged them. More’s the pity we didn’t keep it at that in the following years.) He would be finishing up an appointment […]


October 22, 2013


November 8, 2011 is probably the biggest red letter day in my relationship with DK. I think even more so than the dreadful January day in 2008 when I learned that he was not the single father I believed him to be, but a (apparently) happily married man. That was a very bad day. November […]

Books in Bath

September 23, 2013


I traveled to Bath last week to see about a bookstore. I had never been to the Somerset city before, not in the years I lived in England nor during any of the many visits I have made in the years following. Of course I’d heard of it, but it wasn’t even on my list […]

Boxer briefs, flat files and a brief break

August 29, 2013


 I had to make a Target run today. As I made my quick zip through the store grabbing the things I needed, I passed the men’s undergarments. Boxer briefs were on display. It is the damnedest  things sometimes that spark a memory. DK wore boxer briefs. Beautifully. Not that I ever saw him in them for […]

Agony and fever, part two

August 27, 2013


(Part one of this post, Agony and fever, can be read here. ) Below is the final scene of Onegin, the film DK chose for us to watch that November day in 2011. We had not seen each other in over a year before that overcast day, a day I thought symbolized a door reopening.  We spent it […]

From Above

June 29, 2012


“I don’t know that I have ever felt so perfectly aligned with someone spiritually, physically and mentally as I do with you.” DK said to me more than once during our four year on-and-off relationship. Nor did I. We could and did spend hours and hours talking, talking; over extended lunches, over the phone, online, texting […]