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I peeled bits of straw

January 5, 2014


To read or be read to by a love in a sensual setting was a private desire I had held close for most of my adult life. I don’t mean reading snippets of Dave Barry’s column loud enough so my partner can hear them and guffaw in response from the bathroom. Or to be sitting […]

none needed

July 25, 2013


Andy always said I think too much and DK said my brain needed a dimmer switch.  Both of which are sometimes true.  When I wrote I messed up I had gone too deep into my thoughts and fell into a self-flaggelating dark space. I have no need to forgive myself, although it is true I continue […]

More Mouse

June 4, 2013


“You tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what you get”  – From Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse Flipping through Quimby Mouse one more time before I slide him back into his hiding place beneath the world atlas, I realized I never filled in the printed nameplate on the inside cover. The […]

After hours

May 20, 2013


The hours between the setting of the sun and me succumbing to sleep are when my aloneness most often morphs into loneliness. It’s when I am most aware of my desire for the kind of intimacy that none of my wonderful friendships can provide. It is the time when my body colludes with my mind […]

From Above

June 29, 2012


“I don’t know that I have ever felt so perfectly aligned with someone spiritually, physically and mentally as I do with you.” DK said to me more than once during our four year on-and-off relationship. Nor did I. We could and did spend hours and hours talking, talking; over extended lunches, over the phone, online, texting […]