Hell, yeah!

September 10, 2014


My commentary will have to come later; I’m overwhelmed at the moment. But when I read this essay it struck a chord in me and echoed, in many ways, the way I feel about relationships. As it applies to the one I had with DK – well, I’ll get to that when I’ve got time. […]

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I know

August 7, 2014


I know you read this from time to time. There is something I need to tell you. It’s been welling up inside of me for a very long time now and I have other things to attend to so must release this gaseous bubble, because I’m tired of the heartburn it gives me. I would […]

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July 25, 2014


My last mini-post apparently planted an errant seed in my subconscious: last night I dreamt about DK. As far as I can tell, time is pretty elastic in the realm of dreams. In the waking world, for all I know this dream may have only been 30 seconds long. But in the slumbering one, it […]

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Do you?

July 23, 2014


Dream of me sometimes?

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Cosmic flashback

July 21, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with a friend at the Cosmic Cup. I needed some ink cartridges for my printer, so I parked at the Office Depot across the street. As I stood on the median in the middle of Oak Lawn Avenue and looked at the funky, colorful old house, I […]

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Indefinite hiatus

February 5, 2014


Years ago, when I was a girl of 9 or 10, I accidentally slammed my fingers in the car door. It hurt – a lot. I wailed. My Uncle Bill (who has never been good, like many people, at seeing someone he loves in pain) was there and, after a moment or two, when my […]

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I can hear you

January 13, 2014


I can hear your mind buzzing and whirring from where I am. :) Text from DK to me, sent on one very, very cold January day. I was reminded of it today as one thought piled upon another, which birthed an idea and another blossomed from that one, and then another; like Jack’s beanstalk, my […]

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