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Halloween one

October 31, 2013


“You have forever ruined mermaids for me.” One Friday morning in late October of 2008, I got a completely unexpected text from DK. (Neither of us were big texters then; we very rarely exchanged them. More’s the pity we didn’t keep it at that in the following years.) He would be finishing up an appointment […]

Yoo-hoo good

March 4, 2013


So few things are yoohoo good. Oh, what a glorious day! Windy and warm, canopied with a cloudless, infinite Texas sky: today has been a brilliant, early March Sunday. It lifted me into such a happy mood it seemed right to record a happy DK memory. The Yoo-hoo days came to mind: a span of […]

It means you’re fruity

February 12, 2013


Sunshine filtered through the canopy of leaves outside my bedroom window, dappling us with Texas gold. It was an early summer afternoon and the oppressive blanket of heat that relentlessly drapes itself over Texas for most of the summer months had not yet arrived. Deke and I lay naked beside each other, placid and happy […]

New bed

July 6, 2012


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