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A past Valentine’s Day revisited

February 14, 2015


Valentine’s Day. There’s no escaping it. The really brilliant thing about February 14 is February 15th, when you can load up on chocolate at 50% off! My larder will be filled tomorrow. Curious, I searched Half Agony to see if I’d ever written anything about DK and Valentine’s Day. We were lovers (for lack of […]

Cosmic flashback

July 21, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with a friend at the Cosmic Cup. I needed some ink cartridges for my printer, so I parked at the Office Depot across the street. As I stood on the median in the middle of Oak Lawn Avenue and looked at the funky, colorful old house, I […]

DK calls, part 2

December 31, 2013


(read part 1 here) “You can go to the gym later. You should eat first!” DK was wheedling me and I knew it, but it still made me smile. Maybe because I could hear him smiling at me across the telephone line. I took a deep breath. I was nervous . “Oh, I don’t – […]

December 28, 2007

December 28, 2013


Six years ago today DK and I met, in person, for the first time. I remember every detail of that day. Detailed post, DK calls, part 2, to come. related posts: DK sends me an email The interim DK calls, part 1

Agony and fever, part two

August 27, 2013


(Part one of this post, Agony and fever, can be read here. ) Below is the final scene of Onegin, the film DK chose for us to watch that November day in 2011. We had not seen each other in over a year before that overcast day, a day I thought symbolized a door reopening.  We spent it […]

The silvery moon

August 20, 2013


Before I locked up the house last night, I stood outside for a time and looked up at the waxing moon. I remembered texts from DK one autumn evening, telling me how beautiful the dusk sky was as he drove to West Texas.  I remembered another day, another year, as I walked home from a […]


July 24, 2013


Some experiences and relationships penetrate me so deeply it takes me a very long time to work through them. Maybe too long, but who is to say what the time limit should be on such things? Do we question that someone who has lost a loved one, be it child, spouse, parent or friend, will […]