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The hard road

October 21, 2013


When DK talked about why we couldn’t be together in a more meaningful way (the times we spent together he parceled out stingily; they were always when he wanted to be stimulated by my mind and body), the reasons were often cryptic: “I do keep you at arm’s length, but not for the reasons you think”, […]


July 24, 2013


Some experiences and relationships penetrate me so deeply it takes me a very long time to work through them. Maybe too long, but who is to say what the time limit should be on such things? Do we question that someone who has lost a loved one, be it child, spouse, parent or friend, will […]

The thin line

July 11, 2013


related posts: infinite loneliness how does my garden grow from above after hours for the playlist: It’s a thin line between love and hate – The Pretenders  

Infinite loneliness

July 7, 2013


Infinite loneliness and the sometime feeling of being so small, so insignificant– two of the longer-lasting gifts DK left with me. I am not sure which is greater. Perhaps they are the same thing. related posts: After Hours From above Midnight glitter


August 17, 2012


Turning to stone. I am rooted here, immobilized. I am drying up, turning to stone from lack of touch, lack of love. I am petrifying. Related posts: Dark days From Above  What if, if only After Hours

Dark days

August 10, 2012


I’ve been here before. I’ve made more than a few visits in the past twenty years, although most were short stops except for the extended stay of the Dark Years. I love to travel, but this is one destination I really can’t recommend to anyone. Zero stars. It’s a dark place, which seems weird given […]