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Books in Bath

September 23, 2013


I traveled to Bath last week to see about a bookstore. I had never been to the Somerset city before, not in the years I lived in England nor during any of the many visits I have made in the years following. Of course I’d heard of it, but it wasn’t even on my list […]

Boxer briefs, flat files and a brief break

August 29, 2013


 I had to make a Target run today. As I made my quick zip through the store grabbing the things I needed, I passed the men’s undergarments. Boxer briefs were on display. It is the damnedest  things sometimes that spark a memory. DK wore boxer briefs. Beautifully. Not that I ever saw him in them for […]

More Mouse

June 4, 2013


“You tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what you get”  – From Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse Flipping through Quimby Mouse one more time before I slide him back into his hiding place beneath the world atlas, I realized I never filled in the printed nameplate on the inside cover. The […]

Quimby Mouse

May 9, 2013


“I know just what I want to give you.” I’ve been immersed in books lately. Not so much reading, but sorting, organizing, rearranging. I stripped my big bookcase to clean it and the built-ins to paint the shelves. Once I started, I was compelled to go through the house collecting all of my books – […]

Oral Fixation

April 21, 2013


    I haven’t posted in 52at52 in over a month. I’m a bit aghast that it’s been so long. One reason is that I have simply been very, very busy the last month. The other is that writing about mine & DK’s relationship has proved more difficult than I anticipated. Even though it began […]