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I can hear you

January 13, 2014


I can hear your mind buzzing and whirring from where I am. :) Text from DK to me, sent on one very, very cold January day. I was reminded of it today as one thought piled upon another, which birthed an idea and another blossomed from that one, and then another; like Jack’s beanstalk, my […]

The sadness of sex

August 13, 2013


Text from DK in the autumn of 2010. I did not answer him, but if I had, it would have been, “No.” It wasn’t jealousy that prompted the question; it was irritation that my need for him did not end when his did for me. Oh, wait. We aren’t supposed to need anyone. Then substitute […]


July 24, 2013


Some experiences and relationships penetrate me so deeply it takes me a very long time to work through them. Maybe too long, but who is to say what the time limit should be on such things? Do we question that someone who has lost a loved one, be it child, spouse, parent or friend, will […]

My dog has fleas

June 8, 2013


January 8, 2010. Friday. I’m prepping a job that shoots on Monday. It is bitterly cold. DK & I have a date for dinner tonight, which is practically a miracle since, from the first time we met over two years ago, he has never liked to plan ahead for anything. At least not with me. […]