A past Valentine’s Day revisited

Posted on February 14, 2015



Valentine’s Day. There’s no escaping it. The really brilliant thing about February 14 is February 15th, when you can load up on chocolate at 50% off! My larder will be filled tomorrow.

Curious, I searched Half Agony to see if I’d ever written anything about DK and Valentine’s Day. We were lovers (for lack of a better word; I still haven’t come up with one word that describes what we were to each other) off and on for over four years, so was surprised to find that I only mentioned the big Love Day in one post. Rereading it, I’m reminded that I need to put a little levity in my writing about him. The problem is that, even now, so little of it is funny. Good funny, not bitter funny. There’s plenty of that.

Three years ago, my Valentine’s ‘gift’ from him was a text. You can read about it here. Then, indulge yourself with some beautiful, sweet white or milk chocolate and leave the bittersweet for another day. That’s what I’m going to do.