Boxer briefs, flat files and a brief break

Posted on August 29, 2013



 I had to make a Target run today. As I made my quick zip through the store grabbing the things I needed, I passed the men’s undergarments. Boxer briefs were on display.

It is the damnedest  things sometimes that spark a memory. DK wore boxer briefs. Beautifully. Not that I ever saw him in them for any length of time. Mostly I saw him on his way out of them. Ahem.

After Target and a few other errands, I hurried home to my very messy studio – which sparked another DK memory.

One night before we went to dinner, I showed DK some artwork in my studio. He looked at the piles of oversized paper I had laying on tabletops and the floor and said, “You need some flat files.”

“Oh my God, I know! I would love some flat files. But they are so expensive, even the used ones.”

DK replied, “One of the other architects in my office is getting rid of some of his. Let me see about getting some of them for you.”

“Oh, that would be so great! Thank you, Deke!”

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that his offer never came to fruition. I did ask him about later and his reply was, “Shusshhhhh”.

I thought about that today looking around my studio. I have a great home studio, but oh, sometimes it needs to be bigger! DK once looked at my dilapidated garage and got so excited about how it could be converted into a fabulous studio for me.  He had some terrific ideas. “I could draw up the plans for you. It would be awesome!”

I’m sure it would have been, DK.

I was going to put a snap of my studio here but then I thought, hey, why not a video? So, here you go.

Which leads me to why my studio is such a mess right now. I’m prepping for an art show this weekend. The Dallas West Elm store is hosting an artists’ showcase on Saturday and I’m one of the invited artists. So if you happen to be near Mockingbird Station on Saturday, stop in and say hello.

Which leads me to a brief break. I am focused on this weekend’s show and then preparing for a sojourn of several weeks in London and the English countryside. So I probably won’t be posting much, if anything, in the next week or so.

There is so much yet to be written. I’ve made so many references to mine and DK’s history, his troubled relationship with truth, and his immense impact on my life, but I haven’t explained why or told the whole story. That is something I need to do.

My plan is to review Half Agony, Half Hope whilst I am in England and begin to put it in order, as well as to to fill in all of the blanks.

That’s the plan.

But it may well be that I do nothing of the sort and instead take long walks through Richmond Park and along the South Bank. I may take trains to small towns I’ve never visited just to wander through their High Streets. I will immerse myself in London for a few days, absorbed by it as I have always been. I may sit on the bank of the Thames – in Richmond, Kingston or Twickenham – with a book, pint of cider and a ploughman’s lunch and then doze off, having read no more than a chapter. I am going to Bath to visit a bookstore. I may walk through the New Forest.

So, it may be a day before you hear from me again, or a week or several weeks. I don’t know.

But I will finish the story.




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