In the cards

Posted on June 14, 2013



Digging through the back of a desk drawer the other day, I came across a large, bulky, unlabeled envelope. Perplexed, I dumped the contents onto my desk. It was a packet of things I had intended to give DK one night years ago. That winter night I remembered it just as he was leaving. He kissed me and grinned, “Save it till the next time I’m here; I’ve already got these!” He held up the little paper container carefully packed with fresh eggs from my chickens. 

Alas. Always there are remnants. 

In the envelope: 

  • The Texas/OU tarot cards I created to illustrate a story in the Fort Worth Star Telegram quite a few years ago. It was a particularly big game for a reason I can’t recall. DK is a big Longhorn fan and loves my art. I thought he’d get a kick out of the tarot cards. 
  • A ziplock baggie full of dried sunflower seeds from my garden. It is labeled in Sharpie: for Deke – autumn 2011. He had commented once looking at my sunflowers that he wanted to try and grow some in containers with his daughters. 
  • A handful of my illustrated bookmarks for him and his daughters. They read, “Books give you big brains.” 
  • Several newspaper clippings of the column I wrote for many years for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It was called Art Smart and “featured art projects for children and the young at heart.” I had chosen several winter ones for him to do with his girls. They were: soap snowmen, borax snowflakes, marshmallow and pretzel snowmen, glycerin and glitter snow globes. 

I shoved everything back in the envelope and put it back in drawer to collect dust a little longer. 

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