Yoo-hoo good

Posted on March 4, 2013


So few things are yoohoo good.

Oh, what a glorious day! Windy and warm, canopied with a cloudless, infinite Texas sky: today has been a brilliant, early March Sunday. It lifted me into such a happy mood it seemed right to record a happy DK memory. The Yoo-hoo days came to mind: a span of several days we spent together a few years ago, all bound together by a bottled chocolate drink. A few nights later I was reading in bed when my cell phone made the sound of tinkling glass. (Truthfully, the sound I had assigned to Deke was a rattler’s tail – which sounded really cool – but it seems to read more alarming than romantic.) DK had texted me a sweet and succinct summation: 


There is, of course, a story behind what is Yoo-hoo good and I am going to share it with you, but not right now. Right now I must savor what is left of this gift of a day. 

A few other Yoo-hoo good days:

For the playlist: Junk of the Heart by The Kooks